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Growing up I had two passions: art and animals. I was constantly drawing, working on creative projects, but also studying veterinary science and how I could help animals. When I got to college I had to make a choice between the two as my workload grew, and I chose to focus on becoming a veterinarian.

I spent the next twenty-one years following that passion and working with a large PLC group and being the owner and partner in two of the busiest pet hospitals in Arizona. I loved working with animals and getting to do such meaningful work, but I had forgotten about the love and joy I felt while working on creative pursuits.

It wasn’t until I spent a holiday vacation with my young niece where she re-introduced me to art, this time in the form of coloring. I was hooked on coloring after that weekend and spent every free moment exploring the joy that art brought me in the form of markers and coloring pages.

I then decided to give painting a try. I had no formal training, however, I had my authentic love of art and YouTube painting tutorials to help guide me. Painting as a creative medium was immediately so meaningful and engaging for me, and I knew that I had to pursue it more.

A friend took me to a Paint/Wine night and I knew from that moment that this was something I had to share with others. I love to host events where I bring people together, help them tap into their natural creative talents, and guide them to create beautiful pieces of art. The environment I love to create with my Paint & Sip events is one of encouragement, exploration, and lots of fun and laughter.


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