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When Annie attended a private painting party at Life on Canvas in July 2017, she had never picked up a paint brush. The painting of the evening was a chic pair of heels. She could have just picked the color palette of the example painting, but she wanted colors that matched her bedroom. By the end of the evening she had a beautiful pair of heels painting and a grin on her face that stretched from ear to ear. She was so proud of her painting.

She asked how I got started painting. I shared my story and showed her some of my paintings, including a collage style painting that I had done for a friend. The next week I received an email from Annie. She wanted to know if I could help her design and paint 5 paintings – 1 for each one of her grandchildren. I had never done that before and thought it would be a great opportunity for both of us. She sent me pictures of her grandchildren and the stories of their unique talents and hobbies.

Over the next 3 weeks we designed 5 totally unique paintings. Annie would come to the studio and paint with my supervision and advice. One by one we worked together until all 5 paintings were completed. She was so thrilled at what she had created. I loved being a part of her excitement and joy.

Annie officially had the painting bug. She returned to Life on Canvas to paint a Colorful Cornucopia, a Scarecrow Sunset, a Christmas tree, a Beautiful View, Up and Away and even painted Poppies with one of her granddaughters that was in town. With each painting, Annie’s skills were improving and she was more and more daring with each brush stroke. She even started to paint at home.

In the past 14 months since her first painting – Annie has created some beautiful paintings and even more beautiful memories. We have even become good friends.

This is why I started Life on Canvas. I love seeing people discover the enjoyment of painting and creativity. To see their faces light up as they create their paintings brings me such joy. To me, Life on Canvas is so much more than just a paint and sip studio. I look forward to having you as my guest and learning your stories and seeing what masterpieces lie within you.





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