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1. Studies have shown that engaging in a creative activity can reduce stress and help you relax. ( Even if you think you are not creative.)

2. Socializing and spending time with friends also reduces stress.

3. Painting shifts your focus away from your daily worries and to-do lists. By focusing on your painting you can unplug for a few hours and relax.

4. Studies have shown that people who make time for “me-time” are more fulfilled in their daily lives and have less stress. It’s only 3 hours – you can do that.

5. Drink a glass of wine and relax and leave the rest up to us.

At Life on Canvas we create a welcoming, homey environment. We schedule our classes for 3 hours, instead of the the typical 2 – 2 1/2 hours so you can complete your painting without feeling rushed. We cater to amateur painters so no experience is needed. We provide everything ( except the food and drink) so you can just come and let us pamper you. Come spend an afternoon or evening with us and relax, make some memories, and create your own masterpiece.