7 Tips to maximize your Paint and Sip fun!

April 27, 2017

7 Tips to maximize your Paint and Sip  fun!

What we commonly hear from Paint and Sip newbies is "I can't paint." YES YOU CAN!
Every child is born an artist; as adults we've forgotten about our inner child.
Here are 7 tips to maximize your Paint and Sip fun:
  1. There are no mistakes, only happy accidents. If an accident happens on the canvas tell us right away. Some are easily fixed right then and other times we wait for paint to dry and paint over it. Our artists are happy to offer advice and help. Just Ask.
  2. Acrylic paints dry quickly , so when we are blending colors, we want to work a little faster. No Fear. Blending is a good thing.
  3. We paint in many layers with acrylic paints to achieve the desired effect. Be patient and watch the magic unfold.
  4. If your paint won't spread nicely over the canvas it may be too thick or drying out. Just mist your paint palette with your water bottle. Dipping your brush, lightly, in the water and mixing it in with the paint usually does the trick too.
  5. With detail brushes, less paint is usually better for the finer detailed work. Lighter pressure and thinner paint on the brush will make finer lines. Heavier pressure will make thicker lines. 
  6. We use a lot of white when we mix certain colors. The white acts as a "primer" as most colors are see-through or translucent used on their own. We paint in layers, so the second layer is more of the desired color and less white to get the actual color we want.
  7. Most importantly you are here for the FUN! Make art - Make friends - Make Memories

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