Acrylic pouring is one of the biggest trends in acrylic arts these days. There are thousands of YouTube videos out there showing all sorts of color combinations and techniques. At Life on Canvas we want to help you create unique pieces that you will be proud to display at home or at work or give as a gift. We do things a little differently than some of the other classes you may see. We use high quality, museum edged 6x6 canvases. Museum edge canvases have sturdy back support and they have 1.5″ sides. This allows the “pour” to flow down the sides and make the entire canvas artwork, not just the front. We offer 4 of these canvases per person. (You may purchase up to 4 more per class) You can use a similar color scheme on all 4 to create a nice grouping to display or they can all be different. These canvases can be hung square or diagonally, making them much more versatile than thin edged regular canvases. They can also set on table without any support. We also seal the canvases once they have dried for 24 hour with a glossy archival coating to protect your one of a kind artwork.
These classes have been so much fun and have gotten rave reviews. So join us in a public class or have your own private pouring party. Class space is limited due to the amount of materials needed for each person.
Check out our YouTube channel to see video demonstrations.
Come have some messy fun today with acrylic pouring at Life on Canvas.